What is ClicBot

ClicBot is your family's newest friend. They listen, they think, and even react. ClicBot's personality is contagious, and the playful design makes them even more lovable. Create 1000+ different robots with one kit.

"......And while a lot of toys get less interesting with time, the ClicBot seemingly comes from an alternate reality: the older you get, the more you can do with it."

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"…… It would be a shame not to mention just how darned charming this robot is. For any kid (and parents) sufficiently intrigued by robotics, this is endlessly engaging." ——Forbes

What can he do


Feature title

Display up to six features with an option to toggle icons on or off, and add unique calls to action.

  • Images with text

    Display up to four images, each with their own unique heading and text.

  • Images with text

    Say a bit about your brand, a specific product, or promotion.

  • Images with text

    Offer customers a wealth of information while conserving valuable vertical space on your homepage.

Always Fun

Equipped with unique advanced intelligence technology, this coding robot can dance and drive. Lots of reactions gives ClicBot diverse personalities, making it a real companion.

No-coding Robotics

Easy to build your own robot IN THREE MINUTES. Awake your robot friend and bring it alive without coding. Teaching mode is friendly for beginners. Worry-free about how to start.

  • ClicBot can play with you

    An adventurous robot, Bic is a self-balancing two-wheeled ClicBot that loves to roam and explore.

  • ClicBot can sense you

    A curious, intellectual soul, Bac responds to touch, sight, and gestures. He enjoys dancing, but gets a bit shy about it.

  • Make your own ClicBot

    You can easily build a unique robot by “Clicing” modules together.

ClicBot Creations From Worldwide

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  • Your New Favorite

    Educational Robot

  • Watch video
  • Modular

    1000 Robots in One

  • Education

    Learn coding in a robotic way

  • He is ALIVE!

  • Media Reviews

  • It would be a shame not to mention just how darned charming this robot is. For any kid (and parents) sufficiently intrigued by robotics

  • ClicBot is ever-evolving with regular software upgrades and, with new features continuously added, it feels fresh and new each time inspiration strikes.

Modular Design
  • Infinite in Variety
  • Walkers, Life Helpers ,   Racers.
  • ClicBot is not one robot. it's a whole universe. Click varies of modules together to build anything you want.
  • Character Design
  • He's developed one little glitch
    --- a personality
  • We fuse robotic AI technologies with Art designs, that brings life to an animated character.
  • Remote Control
  • Faster,  Stronger, and Smarter
  • Build a robot arm that serves you snacks? Or a car that can walk? Build something extraordinary and become a master mind of robot, create your own exciting ClicBot stories!
  • Video Courses
  • Find ideas for fun STEM projects
  • The ClicBot Academy offers free videos courses perfect for all levels. The in-App courses are developed to teach core concepts and are fun to watch and follow. We release new videos every week!
  • It Helps
  • Use ClicBot to take you a selfie, do a time-lapse, wake you up, or even serve your morning coffee!
  • Play Games
  • Trivia, red light green light, and hide & seek. Discover dozens of games on Clicbot platform.
  • It Dances
  • Edit the moves, follow the rhythms, dance for your musical world with ClicBot!
Powerful and Precise
  • Splendid Performance
  • Industrial level controlling algorithm unleash the mechanical potential of ClicBot. More powerful, more accurate and more smooth.
It knows you
  • See

  • Hear

  • Feel

  • Think

  • Talk

  • Act

  • Face- recognition

  • Gesture sensing

  • Distance sensing

  • Easy to Use
  • Even grandma
    can build and
  • ClicBot starts super basic. Build your new robot and get a grasp on robotics by clicking pieces together. Simply assign movement directions by moving your bot and record a sequence to program it to move. It’s that easy.
  • Build | Program | Play
  • Creativity takes
  • Create is now 1,000 times easier with all smart modules. ClicBot offers a platform to get inspired, build, program and play. May every child cheers with joy for their swift and unique achievement.
  • Graphic Programming
  • Now coding
    is FUN
  • Ready to level up? ClicBot is fully programmable with a friendly drag-anddrop coding interface based on Blockly by Google. With tons of sensors and actuators, you can make it do virtually anything.
Global robot
competition at home
  • Weekend Challenges
  • Enjoy a creative weekend with family, compete with the world and win hearty prize.
  • Meet CRAZY
    robots from
    50+ countries
  • ClicBot Community
  • Upload your ClicBot to the community and browse creations from other users. Learn from others and let them learn from you the perfect combination of creativity and education.
  • Ever Evolving
  • ClicBot is not a product, it's an ever evolving universe. Robot creations, characters, games and video courses are generated endlessly via community and OTA system. Grow with ClicBot, get amazed everyday and let imaginations soar!