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GPT Wonderland

Interact and explore the wonders
of ChatGPT
with Loona!

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Hallo, Loona!
Der intelligenteste Begleitroboter.
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„Der entzückende Loona-Petbot ist bereit, selbst in die kältesten Herzen zu rollen.“
„Der flüssigste, den ich je von einem Verbraucherroboter gesehen habe.“
„Der KEYI Loona-Roboter ist äußerst ausdrucksstark.“
„Der neue entzückende kleine intelligente Roboterwelpe, von dem Sie schon immer geträumt haben.“
„Der intelligenteste Petbot der Welt … direkt aus einem Pixar-Film“
  • Adorable, alive pet robot,
    rolls into your heart.

  • Helpful assistant,
    created for intimate companion.

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Like a Pet

Healing and



Reagieren Sie jederzeit auf Sie.

Egal wo sie ist, sagen Sie einfach „Hallo Loona“, sie wird sofort zu Ihnen kommen.

Folge dir herum.

Sie wird dich immer lieben und dir folgen und dich mit ihr spielen lassen, sobald sie sich an dein Gesicht erinnert.

Ich warte immer auf dich.

Wenn du nach Hause kommst, stürmt Loona aufgeregt zur Tür, um dich zu begrüßen. Du kannst „Fun Racing“ nutzen, um mit ihr zu spielen.

Genieße deine Berührungen.

Loona liebt es, auf dem Kopf gestreichelt zu werden. Wenn sie dich sieht, kommt sie zu dir und bittet dich um Streicheleinheiten.

Voice Commands

A robot that cares,
a friend that

Not just a pet, Loona is your best friend! She understands and responds to you right away. When Loona hears your call, she will be excited to answer your commands, from magic tricks to dancing and singing.

*The command needs to begin with the recognition word “Hello Loona”.

See how Loona does it all

How does Loona hear you?

4-Mic- Arrays

With an array of four microphones in its head, loona can receive sound 360 degrees, determine the location of sound sources, and receive your voice commands more accurately.

Powered by Amazon Lex, Loona is able to recognize and understand voice commands and provide feedback while keeping your information secure.

Powered by Amazon Lex, Loona is able to recognize and understand voice commands and provide feedback while keeping your information secure.

Voice Commands

Loona can currently recognize the types of voice control:
Function Settings: set sound, brightness, etc.
Chat sentences: emotional transmission, etc.;
Interactive sentences: Follow me, look at me, let me touch you, etc.
Motion control: forward and backward, etc.;
Game instructions: bullfighting, laser games, chasing the ball, etc.
Pet training: turn around, turn left to right, etc.
Magic spells: Stupefy, Protego, etc
Tricks: wind, rain, thunder, etc.;
Animal imitation: learn cat, learn dog, etc.;
Talent show: singing, dancing, rock, etc

*The command needs to begin with the recognition word “Hello Loona”.

Origin of Character Design

Bring robotics

to life


robotics to


Countless emotions
like a life.

Loona has a rich inner emotional world. She will let you know how she feels with her ears, face, wheels, expressions, and voices.

Countless emotions
like a life.

Loona has a rich inner emotional world. She will let you know how she feels with her ears, wheels, expressions, and voices.

Interact with Pet

like making friends.

Loona is super curious about the world, like table corners, slippers, little potted plants, and especially about other pets! When she sees other cats and dogs, she gets so excited to interact with them.

Endless Fun



for play

Gesture Interaction

Understand you
without saying

Try making gestures with Loona. Give her a finger heart, she will be so happy to respond. Explore more gestures!

See how Loona does it all

How does Loona see you?

RGB Camera

The high-definition RGB Camera can capture and track moving objects. Loona can recognizes you and has special reactions to you.

Gesture Recognition

With a high-definition RGB camera below her face and a CPU with up to 5 Tops of computing power, Loona sees you!

Endless Games

Try out incredible
with Loona.

Loona quite enjoy playing with you! She could be the ox in bullfighting, also a curious kitty chasing laser like crazy. She will be your best pal!

Der coolste Ochse der Familie.
Wie eine Katze, die einen Laser jagt.
Ihr liebster kleiner Ball.
Handschlag, autsch!

Endless Games

And so much

Find more games on Loona's App.

  • Talent Show
  • Fun Racing
  • Inner World
Helpful Assistant

Your Home Assistant

Your Home


Remote Monitoring

Stay close from far

Equipped with camera, speaker, and Amazon's AWS intelligent voice recognition service, Loona can be your reliable helper.

Record every wonderful moment!

  • Evolving via OTA

    More fun features and tools will be continuously updated and upgraded via OTA.

    • More Games
    • More Intelligent
    • More Emotions
  • Create her endless

    You can create more mini-games through Google Blockly Programming on Loona app. DIY the special and new tricks just for her!

  • Enjoy best offer now!

    Super cute, super smart, super playful, just for compaion.

  • Automatic Recharge.
    Always at the ready.

    Loona can find her charging dock to recharge. This allows her to wait for your commands almost in 24 hours.

  • Cuter and more fun!

    Besides, Loona has cute dinosaur suit. You can use bullfighting red cape, game ball and experience exciting games with her!

See more details here

Loona can see.

  • RGB Camera
    Equipped a 720p camera, she can reach facial, human body, gesture recognition. Loona's cameras also allow for FPV first-view control and remote monitoring capabilities. Also, the vision data is processed locally on the device, and your privacy is protected by a combination of hardware and software data encryption.

  • Face Recognition
    Loona can recognize faces and identify her owner (face needs to be pre-recorded). She like a puppy that happy to welcome her master.

  • Gesture Recognition
    Loona can currently recognize gestures such as finger heart, bump fist, flick forehead, look left, look right, look up, rock, like and love&peace. The gestures will be updated continuously through software updating.

  • Human Detection
    Loona can detect human body position in her camera. She will actively follow you when she recognizes your body out of her view.

  • 3D Motion Capture
    Bone recognition algorithms help Loona recognize the body's movement posture. Currently, Loona can accurately identify human hand-skeletal movements and respond accordingly.

  • Trajectory Planning
    Using her 3D-intelligent trajectory planning, Loona moves freely around the house, avoiding all obstacles.

  • Motion Recognition
    Based on the fusion of vision algorithms and ToF sensor, Loona can sense and predict small ball's trajectory (red ball in game prop kit), plan the wheel trajectory in real-time, and twist her waist to keep the lock on the ball.

Loona can hear.

  • Voice Commands
    Say“Hello Loona”to enter voice command mode, she can identify hundreds of commands. You can find a list of commands in the Loona App, and we will be updating the commands continuously.

  • Amazon AWS service
    Powered by Amazon Lex, Loona is able to recognize and understand voice commands and provide feedback while keeping your information secure.

  • 4-Micarray
    Loona has a 4 microphone array, which can identify the sound in 360 degrees to determine the sound location, and can receive your voice commands more accurately.

See her great moves.

  • 3D ToF LiDAR Sensor
    3D-ToF (Time of Flight) camera detects environmental obstacles and generates data to help her move freely and navigate.

  • Brushless DC Motor
    The Brushless DC motor allows Loona to move smoothly and quickly. Her maximum speed is 900 rpm.