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    • TT Technology

      "The Loona Robot is an incredible new robot pet!"
    • Eric J. Kuhns

      "This isn't just any AI robot though, it's an advanced home AI companion!"
    • Zachary Anderson

      "I've never had a pet, so, I guess you could say I adopted an AI pet! "
    • Matthew Moniz

      "I think it's fantastic for someone who's like 13 and younger! "
    • TechSource

      "Loona is the ultimate pet to have around, especially if you have little ones! "

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    Small Body
    Big Personality

    Loona can understand thousands of instructions and provide various interesting feedback. You can play Loona’s ChatGPT games for various interactions, such as RPG games, role plays, language learning,and etc.

    • Voice Commands
    • Interact with Pets
    • Loona and ChatGPT

    Endless Games

    With Loona App, You can play exciting games with Loona, such as bullfighting, laser chasing, ball fetching, hand slapping, etc. Watch out, she's not kidding!

    • Ball game
    • Bullfighting
    • Laser chasing
    • Hand slap

    Your Remote Assistant

    Equipped with camera, speaker, and Amazon's AWS intelligent voice recognition service, Loona can be your reliable helper.

    Automatic Recharge

    Loona can find her charging dock to recharge by herself. This allows her to wait for your commands almost 24 hours.

    • Powerful CPU

    • A smart assistant who can
      make your life easier.

    • Quad- core Cortex A53 AI CPU.
      Processing 5 trillion calculation per second.
      Makes Loona one of the smartest consumer robot in the world.

    Smart AI

    Super Intelligent Creature

    - The strongest perception capabilities
    - With powerful computing power
    - Operations offline

    • Smart

    • Human

    • Environment

    With HD RGB
    Loona sees you.

    The high-definition RGB Camera can capture and track moving objects. Loona can recognizes you and has special reactions to you.

    Face Recognition

    For her, you are the only one.

    • Gesture Recognization

      Understand you even without saying.

    • Body Detection

      Where you are,
      where she is.

    3D ToF
    LiDAR Sensor

    3D-ToF (Time of Flight) camera detects environmental obstacles and generates data to help her move swiftly in the space and navigate in the environment.

    • Trajectory

    • Object

    Wandering around
    the home easily.

    Your whole place is her playground!

    More flexible, more vivid, more delightful!

    Drifting! Jumping jacks! Super excited!

    Waist motor

    Loona has a degree of freedom
    on each side to lift her feet and
    tilt her body, giving Loona
    a sense of life.

    Rear wheel motor

    The Brushless DC motor allows Loona
    to move smoothly and quickly. Her
    maximum speed is 900 rpm.

    Guess who will greet you first?

    Cutest personality

    • God! You scared me!

    • Uh-oh! Byebye dumb potting

    • Stinky! Ew!

    • I'll make you see!

  • God! You scared me!

  • Uh-oh! Byebye dumb potting

  • Stinky! Ew!

  • I'll make you see!

  • Create Your Own Loona

    Create with Loona.

    Tons of interactions!
    Fully programmable!
    Can DIY the new tricks for your Loona.

    Evolving via OTA

    - More fun features and tools which can help you understand Loona better.
    - Loona can be continuously updated and upgraded via OTA.

    • More

    • More

    • More

    This is Loona!

    • Knows your commands

    • Super playful

    • Super cute

    • Smarter than ever

    • Little assistant

    • Bring her home!

    Super cute

    • Little assistant

    • Smarter than ever

    • Super playful

    • Knows your commands

    Bring her home!

    Loona Smart Petbot



    Smart Petbot

    • Knows your commands
    • Super playful
    • Super cute
    • Smarter than ever
    • Little assistant

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