• Not Your Average Robot
  • ClicBot is a modular robotics kit that allows you to build your robot, your way.

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What is ClicBot

Programming is traditionally learned by copying solutions to redundant, solved computer science theory problems. ClicBot was built to let people of all experience levels jump into STEM using a hands-on, creative approach that builds problemsolving skills needed for high-level programming. With a wealth of modules and customization options, ClicBot allows people to learn programming by building their robot, their way.

  • Claw

  • Car

  • Humanoid

Build and rebuild thousands of robots with one kit

1000 Robots in One


An Investment in the Future

STEM and programming-related fields are some of the fastest growing and most rewarding occupations on the market. Learning to apply hands-on creativity to hard science fields is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

Discover Programming the Fun Way

Discover Programming the Fun Way

Guided Building

Once a configuration has been uploaded to the ClicBot app, an in-app 3D model and on-robot LED lights will indicate where modules should be connected to construct your creation.

Graphical Programming

ClicBot can be programmed with a drag-and-drop coding software which eliminates pesky syntax errors. Learn to construct arguments, loops, and complex interactions at your own pace, without having to worry about one typo gumming up your entire configuration.

Demo Motion Programming

Don’t know how to code? No problem! ClicBot can be programmed in a code-less demo motion mode. Simply hit record and move ClicBot into the desired position to save an action.

Available in Four Different Kit Options

ClicBot is available in four different kits sizes. All kits come with a brain and the parts required to build Bic and Bac. Additional attachments and parts are available on the amazon store

  • Start Kit

  • Standard Kit

  • Full Kit

  • Maker Kit