• Our Mission

    KEYi Tech is devoted to developing Human-Machine Interactions. By combining Artificial Intelligence and product design in the most volatile forms, KEYi wants to encourage more people to participate in the process of imagining and creating robotic friends that provide them with interactions and learning experiences. We strive to build a life-connecting robot to inspire and create brilliant, long-lasting moments.

  • How we started.

    Founded in 2014, KEYi Technology is an innovative robotics company with over 40 patents and copyrights. We are a team of enthusiastics with competitive design and product development capabilities. Realizing that every user has the potential for endless creativity, but may lack the right platform to exercise it. We decided to create a robot that can be altered in a thousand ways simply by clicking and connecting - ClicBot gives users an easy-to-use tool and a platform to make their imagination come to life. KEYi Tech applies industrial level control algorithms to consumer robots and created the click mechanism that allows global users to be friends with ClicBot in thousands of ways. More than 500 schools and institutions partner with KEYi Tech, using ClicBot as teaching material for a science class or programming workshops.

Fast Facts

  • 50+
    Pre-designed Robots
  • 104
  • 20232
    Program Updates
  • 66664


"We were founded under the idea that consumer robotics play an important role within family life, now, and in the future. We dreamed of a better robot that people of all ages and creeds could learn from and grow with.——Jianbo Yang"

  • Academic research in modular robotics and toy industries.

  • Cell Robotics :

    The first consumer modular robots prototypes invented. A more user friendly, interactive and animated robot suitable for consumers envisioned.

  • R&D of ClicBot had begun.

    Jianbo Yang, CEO of the company received Forbes “30 under 30 rising stars in Asia” Award 1st prize China “Creative Business Cup” “Best Pitch for Educational and Social” at the ICRA 2017 Robotics Innovation and Entrepreurship Forum

  • *Third place in corporate group at The 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition /Beijing Advanced Manufacturing Industry Competition

    *Top 50 Cultural and Creative Enterprises with the Most Investment Value in Beijing at The Committee of the 7th China Cultural Finance Innovation Summit

    *2018 Excellent Cases of ""Good Project in Campus"" at the Selection of the Fifth Campus Good Plan of International Smart Education Exhibition

    *“Design Award”

    *“Red Dot” Certificate

  • ClicBot undergoes further development and promotional beta versions are distributed.

  • *Outstanding Enterprise Award at the T100 New Technology and Product Innovation Action China Smart Education Outstanding Enterprise Award at the OFweek 2019

    *"Top 21" International Entrepreneurship Competition for Artificial Intelligence Million Prizes at the HKBTU Anxun Technology Third Prize of 2019 China Haidian High-value Patent Cultivation Competition

  • *Showcasing of ClicBot at the 2020 CES conference in Las Vegas

    *2020 GBA High-value Patent Cultivation Layout Competition Top 50 Projects

  • Clicbot can be a member of every family.

Before 2014