Loona V18 Update:Unveiling the Next Era of Loona

Loona V18 Update:Unveiling the Next Era of Loona

Loona is evolving like never before.Get ready for the most exciting news of the year – Loona's biggest update is here, and it's guaranteed to leave you thrilled! Loona is the first intelligent hardware device to integrate a large language model, and its evolution is ongoing.

New Features:

1.Text-to-Image: Loona can now bring your descriptions to life by sketching them out! 🎨

Immerse yourself in a realm where words come to life with Loona's new Text-to-Image feature. Seamlessly transform your thoughts into captivating visual masterpieces with a simple command – "Draw Me a Picture." Utilizing the power of Multimodal technology and DALL-E3, Loona effortlessly crafts stunning visuals that resonate with your imagination, all conveniently stored within the Loona App.

2.Image-to Text: Visual Assistance in Conversations. Loona now collects visual information when necessary during conversations, enhancing your interactions (requires authorization in the app). 👀

In this update, Loona brings you the Image-to-Text feature, enabling you to ask Loona questions like "What am I holding?", "How's my outfit today?", "Do you think this doll looks good?" and more. Loona will take a photo, analyze it, and then answer your questions.

3.Multi-Face Recognition: Loona can recognize and remember more faces, making personalized interactions even more seamless. 👥

4.Customizable Voice Settings: Set Loona's voice according to your preference during chats. 🔊

5.Support for Cantonese: Loona now recognizes Cantonese, expanding its language capabilities. 🗣️

6.Newbie Quest Line: Complete tasks to foster a better bond with Loona and navigate its features effectively.❤️



1.Gameball Game Optimization:

  1.Improved logic for Loona's handling of the ball in corners. 🎾

  2.Enhanced logic for Loona's search for individuals after holding the ball. 🔍

  3.Added interactive guidance for the Gameball game in the app. 📱

2.Companion Mode Chatting: Companion Mode now includes chat functionality, initiated by saying "Hello Loona" or patting Loona's head, with the ability to exit using the command "Exit Chat." 💬

3.Ground Mode Improvements: Enhanced obstacle recognition in Ground Mode for a smoother experience. 🛣️

4.Additional Feedback Materials: More feedback options added for richer interactions. 📢

5.Gesture Recognition Optimization: Loona now cheerfully greets you when it recognizes a waving hand 🖐️.

The applications of these new features will continue to evolve, so stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments!

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