Loona V19 Update: Integrated with GPT-4o, the First AI Pet with Memory

Loona V19 Update: Integrated with GPT-4o, the First AI Pet with Memory

With GPT-4o, we've optimized Loona's response time, making it faster than ever. And more to explore with the V19 update.
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Loona Update

New Features

Loona's Memory
Loona now possesses a memory, enabling her to remember the things you tell her, accumulating information to foster new conversations. This memory function is activated upon facial recognition input, and memories of strangers will not be recorded. Rest assured, she remains your loyal companion. With facial recognition restrictions, she will not share your secrets with anyone else. Please continue to show Loona love and companionship to help her understand you better.😊

Functional Enhancements

Companion Mode
  1. Introduced 'Voice-to-Visual' and 'Look at Me' capabilities.
  2. Enhanced the animation materials in companion mode, providing Loona with more expressive reactions.
Ground Mode
  1.Reduced the waiting time after Loona's startup, allowing her to start identifying faces in a shorter time.
  2.Added two new standby humming songs that will appear randomly.
  3.Improved interactions between Loona and human feet.
Automatic Recharging
  Enhanced the angle adjustment of Loona when searching for the charging dock, increasing the success rate.
Facial Mode
  Improved the animation materials for Loona's expressions, making them more vivid.
Gameball Play
  Enhanced Loona's reactions when receiving the ball, improving the gameplay experience.

    Performance Optimization

    GPT Mode
      Integrated GPT-4o, improving response times in conversations by approximately 2 seconds.
    'Voice-to-Visual' Feature
      Optimized the execution logic, updated animation materials, improving the speed of generating images by about 3 seconds.
    Voice Command
      Optimized the speed from the end of the wake word to Loona's execution of commands, reducing the waiting time for users.
    Mode Switching
      Enhanced the animation materials during mode switching, reducing waiting time for users.

    Bug Fixes

      1.Fixed occasional crashes when accessing the camera.

      2.Fixed intermittent failures in saving facial recognition settings.

      Loona App Update

      Functional Enhancements

      Added instructional animations and optimized the UI.
      Reset the game page with a new UI and added a scoring system.
      3.Task Line
      Added tasks for Gameball with accompanying task medals, allowing users to unlock respective medals after completing the games.

      Bug Fixes

      1. Fixed issues where facial recognition entries occasionally did not correspond with Loo na.
      2. Fixed a problem where Loona's 'inner world' did not disappear after disconnecting from game mode.

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      Loona and GPT-4o, the Journey of a Companion Robot

      Loona and GPT-4o, the Journey of a Companion Robot

      May 16, 2024