Company Profile

Founded in 2014, KEYi Technology is an innovative robotics company with competitive designing and product developing capabilities, which owns two main products, Cell Robot and ClicBot.

ClicBot is one of the main products of KEYi Technology, a consumer level robot that fuses robot control, sense and AI with animated design. KEYi applies industrial level control algorithm to consumer level robots, and builds a platform that allows global users to create and share organic content. ClicBot, now with over 10,000 users from 87 countries in APP and they have generated more than 40,000 robot designs.                       

KEYi's teams include robotics engineers, algorithm engineers, and animatronics designers, with core team members from international research institutes, universities, and companies such as Pixar, Samsung, and Intel.               

In 2020, ClicBot was over 40 times oversubscribed on Kickstarter when it was launched on the platform, raising some US$900,000 from 1,678 backers from more than 80 countries and regions.

In March 2021, ClicBot was named by Forbes as “Best Coding Robot” among its Top Ten Educational Robots of the Year. As a next step, KEYi Tech plans to expand sales of ClicBot in the market by upgrading the robot and establishing relationships with more domestic retailers.                        

We hope to use this simple yet powerful product to deliver ultimate education values and bring smart robots to every family.


Why we make ClicBot?

We believe every one child is a inventor, they are always curious and thinking very creatively, in one word, Children’s imagination is unstoppable. For example, thinking to add wings to a car, and that’s about the planes first thought, then been created.

But however not every child get the chance to realize their imagination, they are lack of opportunities and platform. To be specific, like a tool, an environment, supportive parents and their time, good lessons, and so on.

So slowly and slowly, the child became afraid of creation, and don’t want to face their imagination anymore. It could end up like: Well, maybe I’m not a creative person.

The reason? They are creative, but they are short in recognition of their creation, because they don’t have things to present. Without the stimulation, there won’t be anymore creativity. We are burying the seed of creativity, and children’s dreams.

That’s why we make ClicBot. We want to give them a tool, a platform to make their imagination come true, then they can show their works to parents, friends and everyone online to gain recognition and feeling of achievement.

Slowly, they become confident: Yes! I’m very creative. And goes into a positive circulation. This can change a child’s life. When they encounter something in the future, they realize that: "it’s not someone that tell me what to do and how to, I will need to think about it and solve the problem with creativity".