Loona, PETBOT!

A PETBOT which can bring joy to your pet

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  • Pet Interaction

    Outgoing, lively, like to make friends.

    loona is always curious about the world, about table corners, little slippers, little potted plants, and especially about other pets! When loona sees other cats and dogs, she gets so excited to go over and interact with them.

  • Home Assistant

    Watch your home when you away

    Equipped with a camera, a speaker, and Amazon's AWS intelligent voice recognition service, Loona can be your reliable helper.

  • Home Assistant

    Record every wonderful moment

    Record every cute moments for your cute pet, share on social media or just save in your album.

  • Active obstacle avoidance

    Roaming freely through your home

    3D-ToF (Time of Flight) camera detects environmental obstacles and generates data to help her move swiftly in the space and navigate in the environment.

  • Brushless DC motor

    Worry-free, simply clean

    Loona's rear wheel uses an external rotor motor, lint, hair, etc., and will not be rolled into the motor shaft.

    The inner shaft of the outer rotor motor does not turn while the motor housing is rotating, so the hair will not roll into the motor shaft.

  • Loona

    The most intelligent PETBOT

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  • Automatic Recharge

    Always at the ready

    Loona can find her charging dock to recharge by herself. This allows her to wait for your commands almost 24 hours.

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  • Loona Outfits

    Make her more lovable

    Loona has a lot of small clothes to choose from. Dress up your loona to make her even cuter!

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