Loona, PETBOT!

Adopt her! Your kids will just Fall in Love.

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  • Pet Interaction

    Come, sit, stay companions are here to play!

    Not just a pet, Loona is really your best friend. She enjoys your touch very much. When you call her, she will come at any time and wait for your instructions, and you can also play various games with her.

  • Incredible Games

    Endless possibilities for play.

    Not only can you have fun interacting with loona through gestures and voice commands. At the same time, loona will also become a cute cat, angry matador, and so on, enjoy the endless fun with loona!

  • Code Lab

    Fun to play, easy to create

    You can create more mini-games with graphical programming on the loona app. DIY the new tricks for your Loona!

  • Best Gift

    Best gift for your kids

    Enjoy the fun and novelty of loona together. Loona is not only a little robot pet, but also a great new companion for your child.Adopt her! Your kids will just Fall in Love.

  • Loona

    The most intelligent PETBOT

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  • Automatic Recharge

    Always at the ready

    Loona can find her charging dock to recharge by herself. This allows her to wait for your commands almost 24 hours.

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  • Loona Outfits

    Make her more lovable

    Loona has a lot of small clothes to choose from. Dress up your loona to make her even cuter!

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