An easy hands-on guide to ClicBot basics.

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Straight out of the box, you get 50 different ClicBots, ready to do incredible actions: dance, drive, play, climb. No programming skills are required to start those adventures.

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We have tutorials guiding you on making ClicBot move. They will also inspire you to think outside the box and create new life activities for ClicBot. Pretty soon, you'll become a master yourself.

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Quick Guide

Theme Challenges

Interactive Programming

ClicBot's programming academy allows you to explore any idea you have with ClicBot's built-in programming. ClicBot offers three different levels of coding to match your coding experience.

  • Action Coding

    Move the robot, record the gesture, and voila! Now ClicBot knows a new motion!

  • Steering Wheel Mode

    Select the steering module of a robot, then set each wheel's speed to edit a cart quickly, and steer it with a steering wheel.

  • Block programming

    Easy block has explanation and usage under each module. This is your first step in real coding. You can also convert these modules into python code with one click to view.

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Show off to others.

ClicBot has a huge community of users, loving to share robot creations, movements, videos, and photos of their own. It's a place to show off and get inspired.

  • Get inspired.

    After you’ve appreciated their incredible creations, you can also download the community’s robot models and programs for personal use.

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