Stories from our community.

Users story

“I would introduce ClicBot as a very easy to use tool...”


“ClicBot can easily publish your creations...”


“ClicBot is really feeds into the creativity of kids...”


“I address ClicBot as my close friend...”

—Qifeng Feng

“It could provide some of the more endless options of fun...”


“Lucky makes me feel like I'm not alone...”


Users experience

“The City Patrol (Distance sensor Cruise control)”


“Isuperhero appearance”


“ClicBot bird is so cute”


“Winter Olympic curling”

—Wingspan and Yuer

“He can grab the bar well. 😊”


“Four-wheel deformation show.”


“Downhill Skiing!”


“Kitchen Helper”


“See if my vote is accurate”


“A robot which can make a heart!”


“Surreptitiously Observe”


“Happy Dice!Bac“

— Yi Zhan and Yuer

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